Why Focused Learners?

If your child is frustrated or overwhelmed
If your child loses motivation or lacks confidence in his or her ability to meet the challenges of a rigorous education —
If your child doesn’t learn elementary skills and organizational building blocks and falls behind in class —
If your child isn’t getting the interventions and the support that he or she needs —
Then he or she will learn to cover over difficulties just to try to get by. The results are under-performance in school, heightened daily stress levels, and possibly even anxiety and/or depression.

shutterstock_281404961_600wIt’s important to intervene earlier in your child’s education before academics become more rigorous and before schedules and homework loads become even more demanding. Executive Function mentoring is also a great fit for students struggling with tough academic and lifestyle transitions — moving into middle school, beginning high school or getting ready for college.

Our program is designed to encourage and empower your child’s bright, creative mind. We work with each and every student to develop effective coping strategies and to advance their executive function skills.

Learning comes easier for kids with faster processing speed and more focused attention, but this has little relation to intelligence. Children with learning disabilities and executive function difficulties often have a high IQ. The objective of our program is to utilize your child’s unique strengths to cope with their executive function weaknesses. By the end of the program, your student will master the skills necessary to meet the demands of a rigorous education and posses tools to apply these skills in the future. Focused Learners is an opportunity for their weaknesses to become strengths!

One of the few unchanging aspects of the 21st century knowledge economy is the universal need to organize work into well-defined projects […] Whether the project at hand is for school, work, or around the home, we all know it can take an unexpected turn that requires rapid changes to our plans. Adjusting and adapting strategies to accommodate new circumstances is an essential “flex-ability” that everyone must develop in fast-changing times.

Bernie Trilling & Charles Fadel

21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times

There’s no generic blueprint for your child.

Stephanie Weldon

Founder / Therapist & Learning Specialist, Focused Learners