Simple Solutions Boot Camp for Parents

Life is full of competing expectations. Sometimes it’s a struggle just to accomplish all our daily tasks, let alone effectively model strong executive functioning to our children. Our Executive Function Boot Camp for Adults will simplify your life and help you to develop healthy routines and habits. Work with a clinical psychologist and an organizational coach on ways that you can model skills to your child. In addition, the company’s founder, therapist Stephanie Weldon, is available for individual and family therapy.

The Objective

To help lighten your cognitive load and free up some valuable time and energy.

The Plan

  • Declutter and organize your household
  • Set up systems, tools and cues that seamlessly integrate into your daily life
  • Provide resources and apps to help organize your family’s schedule and prioritize your to-do lists

Guide parents in the following areas:

  • Make self-care a priority
  • Learn how to outsource, so you can have more downtime
  • Learn how to remain warm while maintaining effective boundaries
  • Model a calm demeanor even when your child is anxious or frustrated
  • Be consistent. Hold the frame.